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Build Muscle, Get Ripped, and Become Unstoppable. Nate from Creating Kings will help take you from the process of being a bitch to a BEAST in Record Time.
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"I made BIG progress working with Nate in just a matter of weeks. I lost the dad bod, gained a lot more muscle and actually feel energetic again."
Nate Field
— Taylor Moss, Enklo Creative


Nate Field Move to the next step.

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It's Nate here...

It's time to take long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself...

How long will you settle for mediocrity?
Do you want to be average or savage? A bitch or a beast? Ridden with anxiety or ripped and muscular? 

Every choice you make is shaping the man you're becoming. 

The snowflakes of the world want to label you as “toxic.” They want masculinity eliminated. They tell you it’s not cool to become strong and muscular. They make you feel bad about yourself if you like to hunt, fight, curse, have sex with your wife, or have any kind of opinion at all. 

Are you going to be a good little boy and accept their bullshit?

They want you to follow orders and do as you’re told. Don't question anything. Keep your head down. Be proud of your dad bod.


How long can a man suffer in silence and deal with the guilt, shame, and overwhelm?

The guilt of breaking promises to yourself and those you love, about prioritizing your fitness. 

The shame of how you’ve let yourself become fat and toneless instead of ripped and muscular, like you want to be. 

The overwhelm of shiny object syndrome of trying a new workout and diet every other week, only to quit and start something new.

The confusion of not knowing what to do and how to change it...

That’s NOT the life you want.


You used to care, A LOT.

You took pride in your appearance, your posture, how you carried yourself.

You swore you'd never get soft. No matter what life would throw at you.

You were going to be the inspiration your family needed. Always disciplined, always fit, always looking the part.

You were going to be your own hero.

Deep down you wanted to become a spartan. A gladiator. A modern day warrior with a chiseled physique and the incredible strength, virility and resolve to go with it. 

A MAN who is always ready for any and all challenges.

And then life happened...

You fought, at first. But then it became all too much. It overwhelmed you. You started to succumb. Care a little less. You fell in line. Did what they told you. Accepted average. Believed the snowflakes. Began saying stupid things like, "happy wife, happy life.”

And before you knew it you were just like everyone else.

Right Now You Have a Choice...

1. You can ride out that misery for the rest of your days.


2. You can realize that your past doesn't define you and that you can change at any given moment.

The only thing that matters is right now, and the decisions you'll make.

Rise up, man up, and take the power back!?

Finally get dedicated to a regular routine that will help you look, feel and perform at a level most men could never fathom?

Or remain in this self imposed prison forever?

Redemption awaits... You just need some help getting there.

Proximity is power. 

You instinctually know that if you want…
More discipline
More focus
A stronger mindset
A stronger body
Better relationships
More money in the bank

Then you need to be around the right people. Those that lift you up and force you to play this game of life at higher level. Those that can show you just how much more you’re capable of. To raise the ceiling on your self limiting beliefs. 

Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation. I learned this the hard way.

No man can go it alone. You need to be connected. You need a tribe. You need a coach. You need someone to kick your ass into gear when you need it most!

To help you break the chains of your bad habits, procrastination, and addictions.

To help you conquer your inner bitch and silence the negative self talk in your head… so that you can life a life with passion and purpose. 

But in order to do that…

You Don't Need More Information

If information is what you needed, you could just google it.

If that’s all it took, everyone would have a ripped six pack and make a hundred million dollars a year.

That’s why I don't sell useless ebooks or $10 a month app that does absolutely nothing for you.

Making the transformation you want takes so much more than just another fucking workout plan or diet. 

Nah, you’ve wasted enough time spinning your wheels with that. 

With every day that passes, it becomes more apparent that time is your most valuable commodity. You can never waste it and you can never get it back. 

This reality is even harsher for those men over 40. The clock is ticking and you need to take action NOW.

You’ve tried the hard way and it isn’t working. 

You need a coach to give you a systematic roadmap that you can follow, step by step. To check in with you regularly and hold you accountable. 

You need support from a tribe of like-minded brothers who will keep you on the right path, every week. 

No, you don’t need information. You need to take some VERY SPECIFIC ACTION.

That’s why I created Creating Kings. 

It’s not about me. 

It’s about YOU and the men who come together and unite for a common cause of becoming better men, for all of humanity.


Nate Field Move to the next step.

Imagine How Different Life Could Be Just a Few Short Months From Now...

If your diets and workouts finally produced the kind of results you want?

If you built the strong, lean, athletic body of an NFL wide receiver or a middleweight UFC fighter?

Imagine if you could regularly set PR’s in the gym like clockwork. And carry that into the rest of your life. Constantly stacking wins… that eventually lead to MASSIVE changes.

Imagine you built the morning routine of a winner. The daily habits and rituals of champions. 

And you could lock them in and stick to them for life.

How would that affect your self confidence?

How differently you would carry yourself, and thus command attention and respect from everyone around you?

Imagine having boundless energy, robust health, and unmatched virility.

How would that affect your life, your business and your relationships?

The answer is it would change every damn thing. 

People would be lining up to ask how you do it.

What if You Could Finally...

Lose stubborn, ugly bodyfat and keep it off permanently...

Get stronger every week while building functional muscle...

Turn back the clock and feel better than ever...

Rid your body of nagging aches and pains that hold you back from doing what you want...

Lock in habits that enable you to STACK WINS all day every day...

Have more confidence in everything you do...

Be a better husband and lover for your woman...

Be a better father and role model to your kids and family...

Be a better leader to those that need you...

Make faster decisions and EXECUTE with precision, every time...

Have an inner circle of real men who are there to support you and make you better in every way, every day...

Would you take me up on that offer? 


Master Personal Trainer
Company Trust Badges
I’m Nate Field, founder of Creating Kings, and I help men build the body, mindset, and life they want.

I've been in the Fitness space since 2008 and have been a coach to Gymnasts, Athletes, CEO's, entertainers, and busy men and women worldwide. 

I’m known as the man who ALWAYS delivers massive results for my clients.

Unlike a lot so called “gurus” out there, I I have been in the trenches, seeking and learning the truth about true health and fitness for close to 15 years.

I've waded through all the BS out there and I know what works. I get results… every single time. 

When we work together I give you the exact strategies you need to build the body, mindset and life you want.

Now, I want to help you build a body that projects health, strength and confidence.

The kind of body that changes the way people see and think about you.

The kind of body that changes the way you think about yourself AND the world around you.

The kind of body that can literally change your life. 
When we work together I give you the exact frameworks you need to build the body, mindset and life you want.I want to help you get your swagger, your power and your virility back.

I want to help you STACK WINS all day, every day. 

I want to help you build an unbeatable mind that’s capable of greatness. 

I want to help you become confident AF, and absolutely unstoppable in everything you do. 

I want to help you rise up and become a KING!
"Take the opportunity to book an appointment with Nate, the producer and transformation coach of Creating Kings for guidance and advice. Nate is one of the most humble and positive people you will ever meet."
Nate Field
— Rodrigo Donoso, Mexreal Food


Promises are easy to make, but for you who's prepared to work hard and follow the guidance, then these life-changing transformation results can be yours.
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"Nate, I've made good progress. I weighed in at 205 lbs today (Friday), which is a good loss from 212 lbs I was on Monday morning. Down 7lbs in 5 days!"
Nate Field
— Tea Jay Lensei, CK Client


Nate Field Move to the next step.


Whatever your unique fat loss or muscle building goal — my program and I will help you get there, and stay there.


I help you define your goals, then give you everything you need to succeed.
"Nate, I have overcame every obstacle in my life and continue to become the best version of myself. You have had a direct and major impact on my mindset change that has allowed me to manifest my new lifestyle. Your channel and business has eternally changed me. Thank you brother."
Nate Field
— William Long, CK Client


Nate Field Move to the next step.

How Much More Time Can You Afford to Waste?

Now it’s up to you. Are you ready to drop the fucking excuses?

Do you truly want to level up? 

Do you want to become MORE?

Are you ready to commit?

Are you ready to completely transform your body, mind and life?

It's like Warren Buffet said…

The ULTIMATE INVESTMENT is the investment in yourself.

That will always pay far more rewards than any stock or real estate property ever could.

Most guys reading this page already know they need to make a change.

They’ll read every word here, watch every video, nod their head in agreement, and feel the urge to do something about it.

And then they’ll back off, talk themselves out of it, and do NOTHING.

Guys, that’s not the way change happens. That’s not the way to move forward in your life. That’s not the way to be THE MAN.

That said, I’ll be the first to say that this program isn’t for everyone.

If you read this page and can’t relate to anything I said, then no hard feelings, but it’s probably NOT a good fit for you.


If you read this entire page, connected with the stories, and even for a second had a thought like…

“I need something like this.”

“I want to work with Nate.”

“I need to level up my inner circle and surround myself with better men.”

“I want to see what this is all about.”

“I need some help.”

…then I encourage you to take the next step and click the button below.


Nate Field Move to the next step.
Maybe you need help getting in the best shape of your life.

Maybe your business is successful but the rest of your life is in shambles.

Maybe you’re spending more time alone, becoming more closed-off, and are scared of putting yourself out there.

Maybe you need some more positive guys in your life—an alliance—who you can connect with on a deep level.

If that’s the case, this is the program is for you.

But right now, it’s time to decide.

Are you going to keep doing the same old shit? Or are you going to join me and take control of your life?

I’m ready to help. I have a spot with your name on it.

But the next step is up to you.

It’s time for your redemption. 

It’s time for your domination. 

It’s time to control your own narrative and write your own hero’s journey.

If you’re ready to finally make some massive changes, then click the button below to sign up...

And let’s get the fuck to work!
12 Weeks 1:1 Personal Coaching w/ Nate
         (4 Weeks Package Available)
Lifetime Nutrition Guidelines & Protocol
Customised Fitness & Workout Plan
Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability (12x25min Video Calls)
Mindset & Lifestyle Consulting
24/7 Text Support
Progress & Habit Tracker
Iron Mind Daily Routine Protocol
Introductory Health Assessment
Access to a Community of Kings



Nate Field Move to the next step.


If you don't act today... when is it going to happen?

Let's face it: you put off important things that you know you need to do, and if you don't act right now, it's not going to happen.

Your life is likely going to stay the same way it's been until you take a bold move and do something for you for a change.

The feelings of knowing you could be doing better, not reaching your full potential, and living below what you are truly capable of has been on your mind for too long.

I've been there, and it's no way to live.


Nate Field Move to the next step.
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