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About Creating Kings

Creating Kings helps men all over the world become better, and we're damn good at it. Here you'll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story, and Team members.

Who we help

We help anxious and insecure men... become confident and fearless men. In today's age, men have all the raw materials needed to become who they want and live the life they want (right at their fingertips), but they lack the structures, systems, teams, tools, and guidance on how to get there.

What we do

We help these men achieve a new paradigm — a completely new way of thinking. Our programs help rewire the mind's programming; turning negative and harmful thoughts into positive and successful thoughts. We do this through our flagship mind reprogramming audio bundle 'CONTINUUM'. Our program saturates the conscious and subconscious mind with positive affirming thoughts necessary to become the man you desire to be.


Creating Kings believes every man should live a life of confidence, abundance and satisfaction. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on these core principles:
1. Mission — a mission is clearly defined
2. Results — client results are the main thing
3. Focus — keep the main thing the main thing
4. Simplicity — do more with less
5. Responsibility — take full responsibility
6. Discipline — discipline equals freedom
7. Quality — make great things people cherish
8. Athleticism — challenge your body daily
9. Fear — walk into fear and conquer
10. Gratitude — be grateful for what you have


Part 1. The beginning
It all started back in 2012 when I (Nate Field) was laying in a hospital bed thinking to myself; Why me? What had I done to deserve this? I had broken my back, shattering my L1 vertebrae, and after a failed operation, I was told I would be confined to a bed for 8 weeks (the "can't even get up to go to the bathroom" kind). Depression quickly set in. I kept asking myself why this was happening to me. I was the victim. Until New Years Eve, I stayed up the whole night alone — thinking, analysing this situation. I realised that it was all me. It was me who put myself in that situation, me who decided not to prepare correctly, and ultimately me who now had to deal with the consequences. I realised then that I needed to take responsibility — for everything. I needed to take back my power. I made a promise to myself from that point on, that I would take full responsibility for everything that happened to me, and knew that whatever I wanted to achieve, I would need to be the one to go out and get it.

Part 2. The climb
When I left hospital, I was weak, I was skinny, and I felt powerless. It took me almost 6 months of just walking every day to feel somewhat normal again. But I hated it. I wanted to feel strong. So, I went against the advice of doctors, and joined a gym. At this point, I could barely bench press the bar. But I kept going, training every day. Fast forward a few years, and I was then physically capable and stronger than I was before my accident. Most importantly, I had built my confidence back up. I began to look at other areas of my life that I wanted to improve. Career, finances, women. I knew I could do better, so I started to research, and put in to practice what I was learning. I began to notice my patterns of existence. The internal battles between who I was and who I wanted to become. I knew what goals I wanted to achieve, and who I needed to become in order to attain those goals. I changed the way I viewed the world. But most importantly, I changed the way I viewed myself.

Part 3. Finding purpose
The next few years would lead me down a rabbit hole of both painful failures and fulfilling successes. Tired of working a career that brought me little satisfaction, I decided I wanted to do something with purpose. Something that improved the lives of others. Now, something inside of me is pulling me towards this. The idea is simple: help men become stronger. Creating Kings sole purpose is to increase: confidence, strength, and success — while simultaneously minimizing: insecurity, failures, and stress. This is our purpose. We live it, and we teach it too.


Nate Field

Nate Field
Fitness & Mindset Coach
Nate is a Fitness & Mindset Coach born in Australia currently living in Sweden. He went from insecure and anxious, to confident and self-assured. He figured out what so many men fail to figure out; how to take control of one's life. Nate founded Creating Kings as a way to give back, and now helps men all over the world to achieve confidence in themselves and live the life they desire.

You can learn more about Nate's Fitness & Mindset Coaching Program, here.


The best way to contact us is via email — support@creatingkings.world

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